Lo Kristenson (b. 1991) explores circular and twisting forms in her music, she strives for a listening communication between musicians, the room and the people who happen to be there. In her creative practice and in collaboration with other musicians, Lo seeks to continuously question norms and to examine how the prevailing structures influence the musical expression.

I associate creation with resistance, friction. And to make resistance. My starting point for creating music is often the physical experience of sound, through which I can receive an intimate relationship with the composed material.


Since 2018, Lo Kristenson has collaborated with Damkapellet, a collective of female musicians who highlight and perform music by female composers from various epochs.

Lo, the Norwegian duo Vilde & Inga and violist Tove Bagge are working on developing methods for approaching composition and interaction based on a non-hierarchical relationship between composer and musician.

Together with Julija Morgan Lo creates graphic scores to investigate the relationships between image and sound.




In 2014 Lo founded Konstmusiksystrar together with composer Marta Forsberg. A women and trans separatistic organisation working for equality in the Contemporary Music scene in Sweden.



In 2018 Lo finished her Master Degree in Composition at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm where she studied for, among others, Karin Rehnqvist.



Photo: Inga Margrete Aas